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Fall Out 4 Cheats PS4 | Fallout 4 PS4 Tips & Trick:

Fallout 4 Cheats PS4 – We’ve all cheated in games to get ahead of the game opponents, Fallout 4 PS4 cheats will guide you through the whole process. Let’s have a look at Fallout 4 PS4 cheats and glitches that are cracked by the gamers. Fallout 4 is an awesome addition to the Fallout action role-playing game for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It is developed by Bethesda Game Studios and has caused a major breakthrough in the gaming industry. The player is named, “The Sole Survivor” after a devastating nuclear fallout. The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are immaculate with near-perfect design and flawless coding done to it. However, as always, nothing is as perfect as it looks, and the gaming geeks have, somehow found a way to crack into it. The glitches have already been patched, well most of them are, but if you are going for cheat codes, there’s nothing wrong in using Fallout 4 PS4 Cheat Codes on your gaming console.

There is a whole lot of crack and cheats for Fallout 4 PS4 game, some of the codes will provide you with unlimited ammo and money, you will get a special status found in Shaun’s Room. How will you find Fallout 4 PS4 cheat code? Well, it’s easier than you think, just follow the steps. To get the Fallout 4 console cheats PS4 version, just go to your house and don’t forget to take your companion Dogmeat as it’s the main player in getting the cheat book.

You will find an old shelf or a torn furniture, whatever you say inside the house. Carefully locate the book that’s named You’re Special that helps player get a +1 increase in your stat book. Now pick up your book and get a +1 stat every time you pick up the PS4 Fallout 4 cheat book. Don’t pick the book by yourself, instead ask your Dogmeat to pick that up for you by ordering and pointing to the book. As soon as the Dogmeat leans towards the book, time it and take the book, you will successfully get Fallout 4 PS4 cheats. Do the process again and again, get the ammo, unlimited stats, and money in exchange of that. Along with that, you can duplicate items, get S.P.E.C.I.A.L points to maximize all your player skills, infinite caps every time you talk Honest Dan, infinite XP and fusion cores and many other previliges.

Fallout 4 Cheats PS4 | Unique weapon locations:

The following unique weapons can be purchased from vendors, obtained after completing specific quests, or looted from certain enemies.

2076 World Series Baseball Bat

    Bonus: Minor chance of flying targets.Location: Jamaica Plain City Hall reward.


    Bonus: Minor chance of igniting targets.Location: Side with Fahrenheit during “The Big Dig” quest.

Automatic Laser Musket

    Bonus: Automatic fire.Location: Acquired during “The Nuclear Option” Minutemen quest.

AX90 Fury

    Bonus: +50 increased damage against Super Mutants.Location: Purchase from Teagan in the Prydwen.

Big Boy

    Bonus: Fire an extra projectile.Location: Purchase from Arturo at Diamond City.

Big Jim

    Bonus: +20 chance of crippling target’s legsLocation: Found inside Walden Pond.


    Bonus: Unknown.Location: Successfully complete the “Last Voyage Of The U.S.S. Constitution” quest.

Death From Above

    Bonus: ADS with +75 increased movement speed.Location: Reach Paladin and buy it from Proctor Teagan.

Deathclaw Gauntlet

    Bonus: n/aLocation: Successfully complete the “Devil’s Due” optional side-quest.


    Bonus: n/aLocation: Successfully complete the “Tradecraft” Railroad quest.

Eddie’s Peace

    Bonus: Additional limb damage.Location: Found during Detective Case Files: “Long Time Coming”.

Experiment 18-A

    Bonus: +25 increased rate of fire and +15 reload speed.Location: Purchase from the Institute Requisitions in the Institute.

Final Judgment

    Bonus: +25 increased rate of fire and +15 reload speed.Location: Acquired from Elder Maxson during the “Airship Down” Institute quest or “Precipice Of War” Railroad quest.

Furious Power Fist

    Bonus: Increased damage on the same target with each hitLocation: Remove the threat of Swan in Boston Common.

General Chao’s Revenge

    Bonus: +50 damage against robots.Location: Purchase from Trudy in the Drumlin Diner.

Good Intentions

    Bonus: Cause frenzy with critical hits.Location: Acquired from Clint Elevated Freeway Camp.

Grognak’s Axe

    Bonus: Cause stagger and increased damage with bleed.Location: Inside a display case in Hubris Comics.

HalluciGen Gas Grenade

    Bonus: Cause frenzy for 60 seconds.Location: Craft it using the material inside the basement laboratory of HalluciGen, Inc.

Homing Beacon

    Bonus: Zao’s sub missile strike.Location: Successfully complete the “Here There Be Monsters” quest.

Institute Beacon

    Bonus: Spawn Synths at beacon’s locationLocation: Successfully complete the “Airship Down” Institute quest.

Junk Jet

    Bonus: Unknown.Location: Located in the ArcJet Systems during the “Call To Arms” Brotherhood Of Steel quest.


    Bonus: Cause stagger chances.Location: Purchase from Penny in the Covenant.

Kellogg’s .44 Pistol

    Bonus: Fill AP with critical hits.Location: Found during the “Reunions” main quest.

Les Fusil Teribles

    Bonus: +25 limb damage with increased recoil.Location: Found inside the Captain’s cabin in Libertalia.

Lorenzo’s Artifact

    Bonus: Push targets away with telekinesis.Location: Successfully complete Cabot House.

Old Faithful

    Bonus: 2x damage to full-HP targets.Location: Purchase from Arturo in Diamond City.


    Bonus: +50 damage against human.sLocation: Purchase from KL-E-O in the Goodneighbor.

Pickman’s Blade

    Bonus: Increased sneak damage and bleed effects.Location: Side with Pickman.

Prototype UP77

    Bonus: Unlimited ammo.Location: Inside a master locked safe in the University Credit Union.

Railway Rifle

    Bonus: n/aLocation: Successfully complete the “Underground Undercover” Railroad quest.

Reba II

    Bonus: +50 damage against Mirelurks and bugs.Location: Help Barney during the “Barney Rook” miscellaneous quest.


    Bonus: Take 15% decreased damage when static.Location: Purchase from Level 4 Workshop Merchant.

Righteous Authority

    Bonus: 2x damage on critical hits and refills Critical Meter 15% faster.Location: Successfully complete the “Call To Arms” Brotherhood Of Steel quest.

Rockville Slugger

    Bonus: 40% less Action Point cost.Location: Purchase from Moe in Diamond City.

Sentinel’s Plasmacaster

    Bonus: 2x damage to full-HP targets.Location: Purchase from Proctor Teagan after reaching Sentinel.

Shem Drowne’s Sword

    Bonus: Deal radiation damage.Location: Found during Detective Case Files: “The Guilded Grasshopper”.


    Bonus: Unknown.Location: Acquired from Slag in the Blast Furnace.


    Bonus: Bullets explode on impact dealing 15 area of effect damage.Location: Purchase from Cricket, the caravan trader.

Survivor’s Special

    Bonus: Increased damage at low HP.Location: Murder Paladin Brandis or ask him to rejoin the Brotherhood during “The Lost Patrol” Brotherhood Of Steel quest.

The Gainer

    Bonus: Ignite targets for +15 area of effect damage.Location: Successfully complete the Vitale Pumphouse number puzzle.

The Last Minute

    Bonus: +50 limb damage.Location: Purchase from Level 4 Workshop Merchant.

Tinker Tom Special

    Bonus: Increased VATs accuracy while static.Location: Purchase from Tinker Tom in the Railroad HQ.

Virgil’s Rifle

    Bonus: +50 against Super Mutants.Location: Murder Virgil and loot it from him.

Wastelander’s Friend

    Bonus: +50 limb damage.Location: Purchase from Deb at Bunker Hill.

Wazer Wifle

    Bonus: Infinite ammo.Location: Successfully complete Shaun’s three quests

Fallout 4 PS4 Power Armor set stats:

Armor Part Damage Resistance Energy Resistance Radiation Resistance Weight Value
Raider Power Helm 100 50 150 14 50
Raider Power Left Arm 50 25 150 16 75
Raider Power Left Leg 50 25 150 17 75
Raider Power Right Arm 50 25 150 16 75
Raider Power Right Leg 50 25 150 17 75
Raider Power Torso 200 100 300 22 100
T-45 Helm 100 60 150 12 60
T-45 Left Arm 50 30 150 15 100
T-45 Left Leg 50 30 150 15 100
T-45 Right Arm 50 30 150 15 100
T-45 Right Leg 50 30 150 15 100
T-45 Torso 200 130 300 20 140
T-51 Helm 140 90 150 12 80
T-51 Left Arm 90 60 150 15 130
T-51 Left Leg 90 60 150 15 130
T-51 Right Arm 90 60 150 15 130
T-51 Right Leg 90 60 150 15 130
T-51 Torso 240 160 300 20 180
T-60 Helm 180 120 150 12 120
T-60 Left Arm 130 85 150 15 160
T-60 Left Leg 130 85 150 15 160
T-60 Right Arm 130 85 150 15 160
T-60 Right Leg 130 85 150 15 160
T-60 Torso 280 185 300 20 200
X-01 Helm 220 140 150 12 140
X-01 Left Arm 170 110 150 15 200
X-01 Left Leg 170 110 150 15 200
X-01 Right Arm 170 110 150 15 200
X-01 Right Leg 170 110 150 15 200
X-01 Torso 320 210 300 20 280


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